It’s so crucial to try to connect with elderly family members. Your elderly parents and grandparents have been through a lot in life and they love you very much. If you can honor them and try to connect with them, then you can prevent them from feeling like they’re alone during their golden years. It’s also important to do all that you can to keep your elderly family members from having to deal with ageism. 

Never Make Ageist Comments

You should always avoid making ageist comments since those are only going to marginalize everything that your elderly family members mean to you. Some people make jokes about age casually and they assume that they won’t be hurtful. However, those ageist comments could really make an older individual feel more vulnerable than you might realize. Always treat your elders with respect and dignity while avoiding making jokes at their expense. 

Call Your Elderly Family Members 

Call your elderly family members and talk with them as often as you are able to. People can start to feel disconnected in life when they’re retired and don’t get out much. It’s up to you to make sure that you make them feel cared for. A little phone conversation can really make someone’s day. 

Visit Elderly Family Members and Friends

Visiting elderly family members and friends will have a positive impact on them, too. You should go over to their houses to spend time with them every so often. Even if you’re just going over to play some cards or to watch the big game, it’s going to make them very happy to see you. Elderly individuals just like to know that they have people who still care that they’re around. 

Ensure They’re Taken Care of Properly

It’s also up to you to ensure that elderly people are being taken care of properly. You want to check to make sure that they’re still able to take care of things on their own. If they’re not, then you might want to move them into your home or find them a dedicated long-term care facility. Pay attention to the health of elderly people so that they will stay safe during their golden years.