David Lereah 10 Ways to Honor Thise Who Have Gone Before

Taking care of your elders is so important. When people get older, it isn’t always possible for them to take care of themselves any longer. This is why it’s so crucial for the younger individuals that care for them to show them the respect that they deserve. Take a look at the following 10 reasons to respect those who have paved the way. 

  1. Honoring Your Parents

Your parents raised you and helped you become the person that you are today. Showing your parents respect and honoring what they have done for you in the past makes sense. 

  1. Love

You should respect your elders because they love you very much. The love that is shared between family members is strong and you also likely love other elderly individuals that you have known over the years. 

  1. Past Sacrifices

The past sacrifices that have been made by elderly individuals to help you get to where you are now should be honored. If you can help them out in their golden years, then you should do so. 

  1. Showing Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation is another great reason to respect the elderly. You can show how much you appreciate what they have accomplished over the years. 

  1. Your Heritage Matters

Your heritage matters and the elderly people in your life are a part of your heritage. Respecting them is the same as respecting your roots. 

  1. You Can Learn From the Elderly

You can learn a lot from the elderly if you take the time to listen. Elders are wise and they deserve respect because of what they have been through during their lives. 

  1. You Can Give Them Purpose

The love and respect that you show your elders can give them purpose toward the end of their lives. People near the end of their lives deserve to have things to look forward to. 

  1. They’re Nearing the End of Their Lives

Elderly people are nearing the end of their lives and you should treat them well while they’re around. You would want to get the same respect when you make it to their age. 

  1. Honoring Their Values

Respecting your elders can give you insights into their values. Learning about what they hold dear might open your eyes to certain things. 

  1. Doing the Right Thing

Perhaps the most important reason to honor your elders is that it is the right thing to do. Showing respect to others is good and it’s especially important to be kind to those that paved the way for you to be where you are now.